Three Early Indications That Hiranyakashipu’s Boons Weren’t Perfect

Krishna's Mercy

[Narasimha]“Indignant and angry, his reddish eyes like molten copper, Hiranyakashipu said to his servants: O demons, take this boy away from me! He deserves to be killed. Kill him as soon as possible!” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.5.34)

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वध्यताम् आश्व् अयं वध्यो
निःसारयत नैरृताः

vadhyatām āśv ayaṁ vadhyo
niḥsārayata nairṛtāḥ

That he had to conjure up so many tricks, thinking of this situation and that, should have been the first sign. What Lord Brahma was offering could not be perfect. Otherwise, there would have been only one request coming from the worshiper, Hiranyakashipu.

“Immortality. Let me live forever. No one will be able to kill me. I will remain in whatever post I choose, free of outside interference. The strongest beings in the world, combined into a singular attacking force still will not be able to penetrate my coat of armor…

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