Certainly A Trustworthy Son

Krishna's Mercy

[Vishnu]“Although Prahlada is only five years old, even at this young age he has given up his affectionate relationship with his father and mother. Therefore, he is certainly untrustworthy. Indeed, it is not at all believable that he will behave well toward Vishnu.” (Hiranyakashipu, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.5.36)

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विष्णोर् वा साध्व् असौ किं नु
करिष्यत्य् असमञ्जसः
सौहृदं दुस्त्यजं पित्रोर्
अहाद् यः पञ्च-हायनः

viṣṇor vā sādhv asau kiṁ nu
kariṣyaty asamañjasaḥ
sauhṛdaṁ dustyajaṁ pitror
ahād yaḥ pañca-hāyanaḥ

The Varaha avatara previously took care of the asura named Hiranyaksha. This battle was necessary, as once the bad guys of this world gain any power they cause unnecessary havoc. They should be happy with what they have, but they instead look down upon others, especially those who are not like them.

The saintly class, the bhusuras, the demigods on earth, appear to be weak in terms…

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