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Discover Challenge: Open-Mindedness/Gender Identity, More a River than a Clear, Still Pond

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DSCF8671 Photo by Cynthia Guenther Richardson

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I have a grandchild whom I will name Z, who has felt and seemed more like a boy than a girl even since toddlerhood. Not just to Z but also to others after the first three or four years. Not a tomboy, not really. Just more male than female, somehow. There was a way of moving and interacting, of expressing ideas and needs that didn’t seem to line up with what society deems feminine. If that sounds sexist, I guess you would need to experience what I saw and felt as I have gotten to know Z. There must be some essential difference between “boy” and “girl” well imprinted before birth, then more asserted earlier than later, and not just outwardly but via personality. Yet if anything in the beginning,  Z seemed behaviorally more gender-less to me than female…

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Two Horses

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My 15 month-old son taught me a valuable lesson a few weeks ago at our local fair. He demonstrated, in living color, the profound truth ofone of my favorite sayings: You can’t ride two horses with one ass.

We had just gotten to the front of the line for the big, beautiful circus carousel filled with glossy painted horses of every color.Long flowing manes cascaded down their necks, and fancy “saddles” beckoned, calling out “Pick me! Pick me!” to every little boy and girl who ran up onto the platform.

Hank meant business when they opened the gate, and he latched on to the first horse we came to, claiming it as his. I was just thrilled that he picked one on the outside row, as I had strategically placed his daddy on the other side of the fence with our good camera, hoping he would capture this magical mother…

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SpaceX’s biggest rival is developing “space trucks” to ferry cargo in an orbital economy — Quartz

The big kahuna of American rocket companies is the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin that until this year held a monopoly on the lucrative business of launching rockets for the US Air Force. But that monopoly is no more. The company faces a new era of competition as Elon…

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Yet another thing driving species to extinction: bureaucracy — Quartz

Government proceedings can run for many years and can become a bureaucratic nightmare for those involved. For humans, awaiting official responses to important requests can be nerve-racking and even financially devastating, but for endangered species, waiting too long in the line can be lethal. There are two ways for a species to become listed for…

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