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6 Quotes, 1 Mantra & 1 Parable on Endings and Beginnings for the New Year.

There's No War in World


We’re living in a quote-heavy culture, where memes have at times replaced long, meaningful reads and the kind of delicious, deeply memorable conversations that cocoon us in a shared space of meaning and connection.

But it’s also true that we can find genuine slices of greatness in quotes or fragments of the writing and thought processes of others. These can puncture like an arrow and illuminate ideas in a powerfully stark way.

Before the Internet, before computers were widespread, I remember starting a quote-diary, filled with lines I’d pull from books and song lyrics. It was a prized possession that made me feel comforted and in communion with the world, like I had a secret key to an expansive universe that I could use and build on any time.

Many great minds have found incredibly potent ways of reaching the hearts and souls of the world with the brevity of a…

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What I learned in 2014

  • Be kind, everybody you meet is going through their own battles.
  • Being grateful has saved my life.
  • I’m getting better at choosing friends.
  • Meditation helped me cure my anxiety & insecurities.
  • I was told, I wasn’t loved & in return, opened a vortex of feelings, empowering me to finally learn how to love myself.
  • The ocean is more powerful than we think, after all the majority of this planet is water, WE are water, we NEED water, that’s something to think about.
  • I would like to snorkel in the Costa Rican, Coral Reef.
  • Putting a smile on other peoples faces is priceless.
  • You are not truly wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.
  • Race is still an issue in America.
  • So is religion.
  • When I feel free , I’m the happiest.
  • I’m stronger than initially thought .
  • Mean people need the most love.
  • I learned that bliss is not…

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