Perspectives III: River of the Sun 2015

The Silent Eye


O Living Aten
When you first took your throne in splendour
High in heaven’s precinct, truly did life then begin…

From the eastern horizon
Risen and streaming
You have flooded the world with your beauty.

You are majestic, awesome, bedazzling, exalted;
You are the Over-Soul of Earth.

Yet with a light touch your rays
Encompass all lands and the limits of creation.

Though afar your light is wide upon the Earth
And you shine in the faces of all who turn to follow your journey.

Each path lies open because of your rising.
There in the sun you reach out to those
You would gather in as your children.

The herds are at peace in their pastures.
The trees and vegetation grow verdant.
Birds start from their nests with widespread wings to hail your approach.

Small beasts frisk and frolic and all that mount into flight

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