Getting nowhere fast

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ani poorly 031The morning started early…long before dawn… even though the night had ended late. You would think I would have done mounds of stuff by now, but not so. The rest of the morning disappeared in my son’s kitchen then I came home to a sick computer and a sick dog. The rug may have to go.

The computer was easily enough rectified; once it had done its own thing for a while and decided it could go no further, perhaps under the weight of image files it now holds, it simply sighed and gave in. Several reboots later, we came to an agreement; either it got its act together and started, or me and the sledgehammer would give it some encouragement. Miraculously bursting into life, it whirred and chittered away to itself with every semblance of grumbling while I consoled the other poorly beast.

Just like last spring at moulting…

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