Be A Dork Day


Jorge changed the subject of our conversation about modern culture the other day.  He wondered aloud about the word “dork” and how it became a somewhat socially acceptable term.

I replied that, to me, dork is one of those borderline words that I very rarely use in conversation.  In my mind, it’s a derogatory word, regardless of how it’s dressed up. I DorkDay-02suppose I still think of the word as a vulgar, adolescent reference to male gentialia. No, etymologists agree that “dork” is not the specific term for a whale penis.

Jorge added that he associates the word with some people’s negative opinions of sexuality.  He admitted that he sometimes uses it as an epithet when a driver cuts him off in traffic or otherwise violates a traffic law.  Jorge asked my opinion of dork because he heard a talk show caller remind the program’s listeners that “Be A Dork…

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