Bhoga and Tyaga

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Krishna's Mercy

[Govardhana Shila]“As the director of different kinds of clouds, Indra called for the samvartaka. This cloud is invited when there is a need to devastate the whole cosmic manifestation. The samvartaka was ordered by Indra to go over Vrindavana and inundate the whole area with an extensive flood. Demonically, Indra thought himself to be the all-powerful supreme personality.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 25)

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“One of the many teachings within bhakti-yoga that I find interesting is this identification of the constant toggling between enjoyment and renunciation. The Sanskrit words are bhoga and tyaga. The first side is quite easy to find examples of. It does not take much effort.

“We seek sense enjoyment beginning from birth. The toddler learning to speak approaches the parents and requests different items for their satisfaction. Chocolate. Bananas. Strawberries. Sometimes they may…

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