Three Reasons Parents Might Object To The Decision For Bhakti

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राम राज्य की परिकल्पना अब साकार होंगी , हिंदू धर्म की मान्यता विश्व
अपना आधार मजबूत करेगी, जय जय श्री सिया राम,

Krishna's Mercy

[Sita-Rama]“How can we worship in various ways the Divine, who is not within our reach, if we neglect mother, father and guru, who are within our reach?” (Lord Rama speaking to Sita Devi, Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kand, 30.33)

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अस्वाधीनं कथं दैवं प्रकारैरभिराध्यते।
स्वाधीनं समतिक्रम्य मातरं पितरं गुरुम्।।

asvādhīnaṃ kathaṃ daivaṃ prakārairabhirādhyate।
svādhīnaṃ samatikramya mātaraṃ pitaraṃ gurum।।

“One teaching from the Ramayana particularly stands out for me. It might not be the subject of many discourses, Rama-katha, or the primary lesson to take away from that historical tale written by Maharishi Valmiki, but for some reason it resonates with me.

“The situation is that Shri Rama, the avatara of the Almighty described in that work, has made the decision to honor the wishes of the father, King Dasharatha, and leave the kingdom for fourteen years. Sita Devi, Rama’s wife, refuses to stay…

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