Two Cherished Goals Accomplished By Vaishnava Literature

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Krishna's Mercy

[Rama and Ahalya]“By remembering Shri Rama’s holy name, even those who are born into a low caste become worthy of fame, just as the wild trees that line the streets in the heavenly realm are famous throughout the three worlds.” (Dohavali, 16)

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राम नाम सुमिरत सुजस भाजन भए कुजाति |
कुतरूक सुरपुर राजमग लहत भुवन बिख्याति ||

rāma nāma sumirata sujasa bhājana bhae kujāti |
kutarūka surapura rājamaga lahata bhuvana bikhyāti ||

1. Universal religion

“Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could unite? They could keep their traditions. I am not asking everyone to speak the same language here. Just that when you go to visit someone’s home, when you see objects referencing their specific tradition of spirituality, you won’t feel offended. You won’t feel the need to mention your own traditions as a way to level the playing field, to ensure equal representation.


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2 thoughts on “Two Cherished Goals Accomplished By Vaishnava Literature

  1. Sharmishtha

    beautifully said, I dont know and will never know why people feel this urge to separate themselves from the fact that they are human beings, a muslim, a christian, a sikh or a dalit they all are human beings that are different from one another because that is the natural thing. Had we been clones of each other life would have been boring and most probably unbearable!


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