Why The Cow And Not Another Animal

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Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna with cows]“Everyone can understand that we drink the milk of cows and take the help of bulls in producing agricultural products. Therefore, since our real father gives us food grains and our mother gives us milk with which to live, the cow and bull are considered our father and mother. According to Vedic civilization, there are seven mothers, of which the cow is one.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi 17.154, Purport)

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Friend1: We get this question a lot, and there is always a “stumpability” factor to it.

Friend2: Stumpability? Is that a word?

Friend1: I don’t think so, but it should be. Stumpability – the measure of a question’s value in terms of difficulty in resolving by an acknowledged expert.

Friend2: That’s pretty good.

Friend1: The question relates to the cow, specifically its importance within the Vedic tradition.

Friend2: What is the exact…

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