Four Complex Areas Of Science Covered In Vedic Literature

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[Kapila teaching]“The fifth incarnation, named Lord Kapila, is foremost among perfected beings. He gave an exposition of the creative elements and metaphysics to Asuri Brahmana, for in course of time this knowledge had been lost.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 1.3.10)

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पञ्चमः कपिलो नाम
सिद्धेशः काल-विप्लुतम्
प्रोवाचासुरये साङ्ख्यं

pañcamaḥ kapilo nāma
siddheśaḥ kāla-viplutam
provācāsuraye sāṅkhyaṁ

The disciplines can be so complex that a single honorary achievement is insufficient for recognition. Rising to the level of PhD is only the beginning. Use that as a launching pad for conducting meaningful and exhaustive research, enough to further the cause of knowledge and understanding. Progress is the objective; always moving further along, revising and extending previous findings.

Several hundred people of the highest academic stature, researching for up to fifty years still barely scratches the surface. The universe is so complex that science continues to make new discoveries…

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