Why Weren’t The Residents Of Vrindavana Amazed At Putana

Krishna's Mercy

[Putana]“After consulting with his demonic ministers, Kamsa instructed a witch named Putana, who knew the black art of killing small children by ghastly sinful methods, to kill all kinds of children in the cities, villages and pasturing grounds. Such witches can play their black art only where there is no chanting or hearing of the holy name of Krishna.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 6)

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Friend1: I was reading the Putana story from the Krishna book the other day, and something struck me in relation to modern day life.

Friend2: What is that? How a stranger could arrive in the home and breastfeed someone else’s child?

Friend1: Well, that was certainly an eye-opener the first time I read the story! But after some deliberation, you can understand.

Friend2: Why?

Friend1: Because this is about the Supreme Personality…

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