Is Purification Required Prior To Chanting The Holy Name

Krishna's Mercy

[Lakshmi-Narasimha]“Therefore, although I was born in a demoniac family, I may without a doubt offer prayers to the Lord with full endeavor, as far as my intelligence allows. Anyone who has been forced by ignorance to enter the material world may be purified of material life if he offers prayers to the Lord and hears the Lord’s glories.” (Prahlada Maharaja, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.9.12)

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तस्माद् अहं विगत-विक्लव ईश्वरस्य
सर्वात्मना महि गृणामि यथा मनीषम्
नीचो ’जया गुण-विसर्गम् अनुप्रविष्टः
पूयेत येन हि पुमान् अनुवर्णितेन

tasmād ahaṁ vigata-viklava īśvarasya
sarvātmanā mahi gṛṇāmi yathā manīṣam
nīco ’jayā guṇa-visargam anupraviṣṭaḥ
pūyeta yena hi pumān anuvarṇitena

“I remember reading in the Ramayana that Sita and Rama, the Divine couple, prepared for Rama’s planned ascension to the throne, the abhisheka ceremony, by sleeping on the floor the prior night and contemplating Vishnu, which is one name for the Almighty.

“It is…

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