Four Aspects To The Marriage of Krishna To Rukmini

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna and Rukmini]“While Rukmini was being given in charity to Shishupala, she was snatched from the marriage arena by Krishna, exactly as Garuda snatched the pot of nectar from the demons. Rukmini, the only daughter of King Bhishmaka, was exquisitely beautiful. She was known as Ruchiranana, which means ‘one who has a beautiful face, expanding like a lotus flower.’” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 51)

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1. The timing

A large number of years grouped together for analysis purposes. The beginning marked by the start of a population and the end by the complete destruction of the surrounding area. Then the process repeating. After many such cycles you get the complete devastation of the universe, but even that is not the final outcome. As the individual is spirit soul, so the universes, directed by the original and most powerful soul, appear and…

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