Five Candidates For The Most Amazing Thing

Krishna's Mercy

[Maharaja Yudhishthira]“Day after day countless living entities in this world go to the kingdom of death. Still, those who remain aspire for a permanent situation here. What could be more amazing than this?” (Maharaja Yudhishthira speaking to Yamaraja, Mahabharata, Vana-parva, 313.116)

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अहन्य् अहनि भूतानि
गच्छन्तीह यमालयम्
शेषाः स्थावरम् इच्छन्ति
किम् आश्चर्यम् अतः परम्

ahany ahani bhūtāni
gacchantīha yamālayam
śeṣāḥ sthāvaram icchanti
kim āścaryam ataḥ param

1. Childbirth

“Everyone knew it was coming. It wasn’t like the woman’s stomach started hurting from out of nowhere and she rushed to the hospital to see what was going on. Pregnancy is a process, but one that occurs mostly out of sight. Behind a veil, so to speak, but everyone has a pretty good idea what the end result will be.

“No matter the expectations, it is always a miracle. A brand new life. A real person, ready…

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