Five Things God Cannot Be Limited To

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Krishna]“Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes and faces, and He hears everything. In this way the Supersoul exists.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 13.14)

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सर्वतः पाणि-पादं तत्
सर्वतो ऽक्षि-शिरो-मुखम्
सर्वतः श्रुतिमल् लोके
सर्वम् आवृत्य तिष्ठति

sarvataḥ pāṇi-pādaṁ tat
sarvato ‘kṣi-śiro-mukham
sarvataḥ śrutimal loke
sarvam āvṛtya tiṣṭhati

1. A single space

The Vedic tradition emanates from the place known as India, based on the modern-day map. The people in that region speak various languages, which are mostly rooted in Sanskrit, the oldest language known to man.

That tradition describes God in detail, with a key philosophical teaching presented at the beginning. Blind faith is not the entryway. As every person has a natural inclination towards worship of the Divine, there is comprehensive information presented so as to develop that inclination into a mature stage. In other words, the human population is encouraged to apply…

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