Three Non-Human Heroes Of The Ramayana

Krishna's Mercy

[Jatayu]“Being thus informed, the grandson of King Vena immediately began to follow Indra, who was fleeing through the sky in great haste. He was very angry with him, and he chased him just as the king of the vultures chased Ravana.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 4.19.16)

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एवं वैन्य-सुतः प्रोक्तस्
त्वरमाणं विहायसा
अन्वद्रवद् अभिक्रुद्धो
रावणं गृध्र-राड् इव

evaṁ vainya-sutaḥ proktas
tvaramāṇaṁ vihāyasā
anvadravad abhikruddho
rāvaṇaṁ gṛdhra-rāḍ iva

Those familiar with the Vedic tradition, through either family ancestry or voluntary immersion in the culture, notice the similarities when consuming popular fiction film and television. A hero beloved by the community suddenly left alone. A trusted sidekick, ready to protect and defend. A spouse in distress, an unfortunate victim at the hands of a ruthless villain.

Then there are the unexpected assistants. New friends that the hero runs into. They do not know the story for long, but…

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