Is It Worse To Think I Am Body Or That I Am Nothing

Krishna's Mercy

[Radha-Krishna]“Birth, death, old age and diseases affect this material body, but not the spiritual body. There is no birth, death, old age and disease for the spiritual body, so one who attains a spiritual body, becomes one of the associates of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and engages in eternal devotional service, is really liberated. Aham brahmasmi: I am spirit. It is said that one should understand that he is Brahman-spirit soul.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, 7.29 Purport)

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Friend1: Obviously, someone who reads the works of the bhakti school of Vedanta understands that there is a difference between body and spirit.

Friend2: I will take issue with something. Bhakti and Vedanta are identical.

Friend1: But you know what I mean.

Friend2: I do not.

Friend1: Sometimes Vedanta, which translates to “the conclusion of knowledge,” focuses on the impersonal side of the Divine. Well, not…

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