Three People Who Could Not Maintain A Spotless Reputation

Krishna's Mercy

[Syamantaka Jewel]“The false rumor that Krishna had killed Prasena and had taken away the jewel was spread everywhere like wildfire. Krishna did not like to be defamed in that way, and therefore He decided that He would go to the forest and find the Syamantaka jewel, taking with Him some of the inhabitants of Dvaraka.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 2, Ch 1)

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1. Sita Devi

You would think that sacrificing regal comforts for supporting her husband in a time of difficulty would win some acclaim. Especially during that time period the chastity of a wife was highlighted. When a member of the family exhibits certain admirable traits, the guardians share in the glory.

“Oh, look at this child. They were raised right. Their parents must be of such good character. Rare it is to find someone of that quality. Looks like…

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