I Am Confused Over The Benefit Of Having A Chaste Wife

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“King Puranjana then began to think of his past dealings with his wife. He recalled that his wife would not take her dinner until he had finished his, that she would not take her bath until he had finished his, and that she was always very much attached to him, so much so that if he would sometimes become angry and chastise her, she would simply remain silent and tolerate his misbehavior.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 4.28.19)

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न मय्य् अनाशिते भुङ्क्ते
नास्नाते स्नाति मत्-परा
मयि रुष्टे सुसन्त्रस्ता
भर्त्सिते यत-वाग् भयात्
na mayy anāśite bhuṅkte
nāsnāte snāti mat-parā
mayi ruṣṭe susantrastā
bhartsite yata-vāg bhayāt

Friend1: Anytime you get into a discussion about marriage, about the proper role for men and women, especially in a relationship, you are sure to ruffle some feathers.

Friend2: Why should women be treated differently than men? Why should the woman have…

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