No Lights To Show The Way

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Krishna]“Know that all beautiful, glorious, and mighty creations spring from but a spark of My splendor.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 10.41)

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यद् यद् विभूतिमत् सत्त्वं
श्रीमद् ऊर्जितम् एव वा
तत् तद् एवावगच्छ त्वं
मम तेजो-ऽंश-सम्भवम्

yad yad vibhūtimat sattvaṁ
śrīmad ūrjitam eva vā
tat tad evāvagaccha tvaṁ
mama tejo-‘ṁśa-sambhavam

You can use any variation of the following game, but the same underlying principle applies. You have a father playing with their child. Something like hide and seek, but with the complexity increased.

To start, the father scatters various items around the room. A clean towel. An empty box. Some plush toys. They also place a laptop computer on top of the coffee table in the center of the room. Lest anyone fear, this device no longer functions properly. It won’t even boot up.

After preparation is complete, the father asks the child to close…

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