Why Do Devotees Spend So Much Time Arguing

Krishna's Mercy

[Shrila Prabhupada]“Only the Supreme Lord Himself or His empowered representative can possibly free us from confinement in this dark well. Under their guidance we can come to know of the limitless ocean of the spiritual sky.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Renunciation Through Wisdom, Ch 2.7)

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Friend1: Have you noticed that in the online community, those people who are supposedly following Vaishnava principles, engaged in bhakti-yoga and the sort, seem to spend all of their time arguing?

Friend2: I have not. What are the disagreements over?

Friend1: If I listed everything, we would be here for a week.

Friend2: Give me a sampling.

Friend1: What kinds of food can be offered to the deity. Whether or not to be online and speaking about Bhagavad-gita. Which version of the book we should read. Did man really go to the moon. Is the earth round or flat…

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