Two Difficulties With Getting Involved For A Cause

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Krishna]“Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me in the form of Krishna and at the same time carry out your prescribed duty of fighting. With your activities dedicated to Me and your mind and intelligence fixed on Me, you will attain Me without doubt.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 8.7)

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तस्मात् सर्वेषु कालेषु
माम् अनुस्मर युध्य च
मय्य् अर्पित-मनो-बुद्धिर्
माम् एवैष्यस्य् असंशयः

tasmāt sarveṣu kāleṣu
mām anusmara yudhya ca
mayy arpita-mano-buddhir
mām evaiṣyasy asaṁśayaḥ

Have you been accused of the following?

“Silence is de facto acceptance. If you say nothing, the status quo will continue. Is that what you want? Are you in support of the current situation? We need to force a change. Get involved. Speak out. Do not be frightened into acquiescence. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

The above accusation can apply…

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