Five Complaints Against God And Their Contrary Viewpoints

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Krishna]“I wish that all those calamities would happen again and again so that we could see You again and again, for seeing You means that we will no longer see repeated births and deaths.” (Queen Kunti speaking to Lord Krishna, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 1.8.25)

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विपदः सन्तु ताः शश्वत्
तत्र तत्र जगद्-गुरो
भवतो दर्शनं यत् स्याद्
अपुनर् भव-दर्शनम्

vipadaḥ santu tāḥ śaśvat
tatra tatra jagad-guro
bhavato darśanaṁ yat syād
apunar bhava-darśanam

It is not a fake kind of optimism. It is not thinking positively simply as a survival technique. It is not burying your head in the sand to avoid witnessing the negative. It is not a way to annoy people who are voicing their concerns.

The person aligned with the Divine consciousness views every circumstance, situation, conundrum, difficulty, moment of doubt, or what have you as a blessing from above. These are opportunities…

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