There Are No Atheists In Foxholes

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Krishna]“The bewildered spirit soul, under the influence of the three modes of material nature, thinks himself to be the doer of activities, which are in actuality carried out by nature.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 3.27)

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प्रकृतेः क्रियमाणानि
गुणैः कर्माणि सर्वशः
कर्ताहम् इति मन्यते

prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni
guṇaiḥ karmāṇi sarvaśaḥ
kartāham iti manyate

“You probably hear this argument a lot, but I think it has some merit. I get that the bhakti-yoga people are into religion. You want to worship God and so forth. Thank Him for everything. Be grateful. Avoid the kripana mentality; don’t be a miser.

“But it seems like you are giving up on the world. You are abandoning everything too soon. As if you see no hope at all, you are surrendering in the game. It just seems a little too easy for me. Give up now and…

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