Three Takeaways From The Image Of Baby Krishna Next To Radha

Krishna's Mercy

[Radha and Krishna on cake]“To perform devotional service means to follow in the footsteps of Radharani, and devotees in Vrindavana put themselves under the care of Radharani in order to achieve perfection in their devotional service. In other words, devotional service is not an activity of the material world; it is directly under the control of Radharani.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 1)

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“Forgive me for asking such a random question, especially with regards to the source. I see pictures floating around the internet now and then. Obviously, some of them are not suitable for children, but within the bhakti tradition they can make a significant positive impact on my day.

“In this instance someone shared a photo of what appears to be the top decoration on a cake. I’m assuming it was done for a special occasion. There is baby Krishna seated on the floor. He…

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