Why Wouldn’t Krishna Just Walk Around As Narayana

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna birth]“Vasudeva saw that wonderful child born as a baby with four hands, holding conchshell, club, disc, and lotus flower, decorated with the mark of Shrivatsa, wearing the jeweled necklace of kaustubha stone, dressed in yellow silk, appearing dazzling like a bright blackish cloud, wearing a helmet bedecked with the vaidurya stone, valuable bracelets, earrings and similar other ornaments all over His body and an abundance of hair on His head.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 3)

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Friend1: When we speak of the residents of Gokula-dhama, the sacred land where Shri Krishna appeared some five thousand years ago, we say that they were unaware as to His Divine nature.

Friend2: They hand an inkling. How could you not think something was up after an infant survives being fed poison by a witch? He tore apart a giant…

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