Three Instances Of Auspicious Defeat In Devotion

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Krishna]“The steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all activities to Me; whereas a person who is not in union with the Divine, who is greedy for the fruits of his labor, becomes entangled.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 5.12)

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युक्तः कर्म-फलं त्यक्त्वा
शान्तिम् आप्नोति नैष्ठिकीम्
अयुक्तः काम-कारेण
फले सक्तो निबध्यते

yuktaḥ karma-phalaṁ tyaktvā
śāntim āpnoti naiṣṭhikīm
ayuktaḥ kāma-kāreṇa
phale sakto nibadhyate

The duality featured in material life means that no matter the outcome, there will be some misery experienced. Moreover, no situation is universally auspicious. A simple example is rainfall. In a certain part of the world, the majority of the rainfall for the year occurs within two months. Everything necessary to eat arrives in a short span of time. Needless to say, this portion of the calendar is critical for the fields and the expected yield for the…

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