Three Reasons A Father Might Be Disappointed In Their Son

Krishna's Mercy

Shrimad_Bhagavatam_seventh_canto“After Prahlada Maharaja had spoken in this way and become silent, Hiranyakashipu, blinded by anger, threw him off his lap and onto the ground.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.5.33)

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इत्य् उक्त्वोपरतं पुत्रं
हिरण्यकशिपू रुषा
अन्धीकृतात्मा स्वोत्सङ्गान्
निरस्यत मही-तले

ity uktvoparataṁ putraṁ
hiraṇyakaśipū ruṣā
andhīkṛtātmā svotsaṅgān
nirasyata mahī-tale

A brand new life headed your way. Boundless potential. They can end up being anything they desire in adulthood; at least that is the consideration prior. If the baby is a boy, the father may have certain expectations or hopes. To that end there is also the possibility of great disappointment later on.

1. Doesn’t share the same interests

The father is into sports. They love both playing and watching. Baseball, football, tennis, basketball – you name it and they spent a significant portion of their youth involved in that activity. The son will hopefully follow in the…

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