Why Didn’t Sudama Just Take Sannyasa

Krishna's Mercy

[Sudama_Krishna]“The brahmana thought that there was no need to ask any material benefit from Lord Shri Krishna, but he was induced by the repeated requests of his wife. Moreover, he thought, ‘If I go there I shall be able to see the Lord personally. That will be a great opportunity, even if I don’t ask any material benefit from Him.’” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 2, Ch 25)

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Friend1: One of the more endearing stories from Krishna’s time in Dvaraka is the meeting with Sudama Vipra.

Friend2: The brahmana who was Krishna’s friend since childhood. Goes to show you that there are no status distinctions with the Supreme Lord. He remembers every person and their time with Him. Anything favorable gets highlighted. The bad gets forgotten.

Friend1: Really? If I have previously professed my hatred for God, He will not mind?…

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