Three People Not At Fault For Prahlada’s Inclination

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“The son of Shukracharya, Hiranyakashipu’s spiritual master, said: O enemy of King Indra, O King! Whatever your son Prahlada has said was not taught to him by me or anyone else. His spontaneous devotional service has naturally developed in him. Therefore, please give up your anger and do not unnecessarily accuse us. It is not good to insult a brahmana in this way.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.5.28)

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श्री-गुरु-पुत्र उवाच
न मत्-प्रणीतं न पर-प्रणीतं
सुतो वदत्य् एष तवेन्द्र-शत्रो
नैसर्गिकीयं मतिर् अस्य राजन्
नियच्छ मन्युं कद् अदाः स्म मा नः

śrī-guru-putra uvāca
na mat-praṇītaṁ na para-praṇītaṁ
suto vadaty eṣa tavendra-śatro
naisargikīyaṁ matir asya rājan
niyaccha manyuṁ kad adāḥ sma mā naḥ

The father was livid. He couldn’t tolerate it. There was an enemy among them. He had carefully protected himself from foreign attack. There were safeguards in place. Like with an important computer server running in…

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