Four Areas Where Every Person Has A Price

Krishna's Mercy

[Rama-Lakshmana]“O Rama, You should know that just as fish cannot survive when taken out of water, neither Sita nor I can live without You for even a moment.” (Lakshmana, Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kand, 53.31)

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न च सीता त्वया हीना न चाहमपि राघव।
मुहूर्तमपि जीवावो जलान्मत्स्याविनोद्धृतौ।।

na ca sītā tvayā hīnā na cāhamapi rāghava।
muhūrtamapi jīvāvo jalānmatsyāvinoddhṛtau।।

There is the saying that everyone has their price. No matter how much they profess allegiance or affection to something, with the amazing offer they would be forced to think twice. What was previously off the table suddenly becomes eligible for negotiation.

1. Home

It is the place of your dreams. Raised several children in that home. Different corners remind you of amazing memories. The time your daughter took her first steps. Your son spilled a drink in that corner. You held this spiritual gathering that one…

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