Four People Who Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Granted Asylum

Krishna's Mercy

[Ravana in disguise]“Then the ten-necked one, who was hiding nearby, quickly assumed the form of a wandering mendicant and approached Vaidehi.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kand, 46.2)

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तदासाद्य दशग्रीवः क्षिप्रमन्तरमास्थितः।
अभिचक्राम वैदेहीं परिव्राजकरूपधृक्।।

tadāsādya daśagrīvaḥ kṣipramantaramāsthitaḥ।
abhicakrāma vaidehīṃ parivrājakarūpadhṛk।।

“I know you don’t like discussing politics, but a major issue in the news recently had me considering the spiritual equivalent. Actually, I’m not sure there is one, but here is the presentation. There is a heated controversy over what the government’s policy should be about admitting people from other countries, i.e. immigrants. More specifically, those that cross physically from a specific border. So many checks and security measures are already in place for those arriving by flight from around the world.

“One side says to not implement any added measures. Allow the people to enter. Why the same people insist on security measures for airport travelers…

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