Don’t You Get Tired Of Praising Devotees

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“In any assembly where there are discourses about saints and devotees, O King Yudhishthira, even the enemies of the demons, namely the demigods, what to speak of you, would cite Prahlada Maharaja as an example of a great devotee.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.4.35)

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यं साधु-गाथा-सदसि
रिपवो ’पि सुरा नृप
प्रतिमानं प्रकुर्वन्ति
किम् उतान्ये भवादृशाः

yaṁ sādhu-gāthā-sadasi
ripavo ’pi surā nṛpa
pratimānaṁ prakurvanti
kim utānye bhavādṛśāḥ

Friend1: There is the statement by Narada Muni about how Prahlada would be praised in any assembly of devotees and certain other kinds of people.

Friend2: Do you understand why that needs to be stated, i.e. why that is remarkable?

Friend1: Because Prahlada was an outstanding devotee at just five years of age, showing wisdom well beyond his years?

Friend2: It’s primarily because of the great contrast. He was born in a Daitya family. These were typically enemies to…

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