Three Known Arrivals Of An Akasha-Vani

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Vishnu]“Then there appeared before them a transcendental sound vibration, emanating from a personality not visible to material eyes. The voice was as grave as the sound of a cloud, and it was very encouraging, driving away all fear.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.4.24)

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तेषाम् आविरभूद् वाणी
अरूपा मेघ-निःस्वना
सन्नादयन्ती ककुभः
साधूनाम् अभयङ्करी

teṣām āvirabhūd vāṇī
arūpā megha-niḥsvanā
sannādayantī kakubhaḥ
sādhūnām abhayaṅkarī

Not exclusive to fairytales or artistic productions describing mythology, the truthful history of this world and others included in the vast and continuously expanding Vedic literature features many instances of the appearance of a voice from the sky. Known as akasha-vani in Sanskrit, not surprisingly the celestial announcement always carries tremendous significance.

1. Janaka finding Sita

His dispassion was at such a high level that the title given had real meaning. The king of Videha was indeed without a body, in relation to the…

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