Four Aspects To Being The True King Of The World

Krishna's Mercy

[yajna]“Being worshiped by sacrifices offered with great gifts by those who strictly followed the principles of varna and ashrama, Hiranyakashipu, instead of offering shares of the oblations to the demigods, accepted them himself.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 7.4.15)

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स एव वर्णाश्रमिभिः
क्रतुभिर् भूरि-दक्षिणैः
इज्यमानो हविर्-भागान्
अग्रहीत् स्वेन तेजसा

sa eva varṇāśramibhiḥ
kratubhir bhūri-dakṣiṇaiḥ
ijyamāno havir-bhāgān
agrahīt svena tejasā

In the past a television series called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous depicted what it was like to possess a lot of money. At least externally, there was the evidence of advanced living, with palatial residences and servants to take care of every single need that could arise throughout the day.

Is such a lifestyle actually worth it? Some of the rich inherit the fortune from their ancestors, but others are described as “self-made.” What exactly goes into being powerful? What enjoyments should be present and…

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