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Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“The Personality of Godhead said: Under the supervision of the Supreme Lord and according to the result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is made to enter into the womb of a woman through the particle of male semen to assume a particular type of body.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 3.31.1)

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श्री-भगवान् उवाच
कर्मणा दैव-नेत्रेण
जन्तुर् देहोपपत्तये
स्त्रियाः प्रविष्ट उदरं
पुंसो रेतः-कणाश्रयः

śrī-bhagavān uvāca
karmaṇā daiva-netreṇa
jantur dehopapattaye
striyāḥ praviṣṭa udaraṁ
puṁso retaḥ-kaṇāśrayaḥ

“This person looks completely different now. Granted, I haven’t seen them in ten years. But still, it is not like going from youth to adulthood. They were in their twenties before and in their thirties today. They are so fit. The face looks more attractive. Muscles bulging in the arms and legs. A complete transformation.”

“This person also looks different. It is the reverse situation. They used to have a…

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