Three Reasons Krishna Deserved Punishment From Mother Yashoda

Krishna's Mercy

[Yashoda-Damodara]“She gathered more ropes from the house and added to it, but at the end she found the same shortage. In this way, she connected all the ropes available at home, but when the final knot was added, she saw that it was still two inches too short. Mother Yashoda was smiling, but she was astonished. How was it happening?” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 9)

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1. He broke a pot of yogurt

It was for turning into butter. The mother worked hard. She did not have a machine capable of doing the same. Nothing like “set it and forget it,” there was manual labor involved. Take yogurt, put it in a pot, and then begin the churning process.

By the way, the purpose this time was to feed her son directly. Yashoda had heard complaints. Her darling Krishna…

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