Don’t You Feel You Are Fighting A Losing Battle

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“Everyone is inclined in this age to eat meat and fish, drink liquor and indulge in sex life, but according to the Vedic injunctions, sex is allowed only in marriage, meat-eating is allowed only when the animal is killed and offered before the goddess Kali, and intoxication is allowed only in a restricted way.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 4.26.6 Purport)

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Friend1: Don’t you feel that the odds are stacked against you?

Friend2: In what?

Friend1: I mean people are addicted to so many unhelpful things. They are so upset over politics that they are willing to invade restaurants and disrupt otherwise peaceful situations. They cry over the results to elections. They can’t accept something as basic as marriage and gender. They develop these mental illnesses and then look for remedies through the political process.

Friend2: Again, what are you talking about here?


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