Wasn’t It Wrong For Hanuman To Enter Lanka By Force

Krishna's Mercy

[Hanuman punching Lanka]“Even a man of knowledge acts according to his own nature, for everyone follows his nature. What can repression accomplish?” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 3.33)

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सदृशं चेष्टते स्वस्याः
प्रकृतेर् ज्ञानवान् अपि
प्रकृतिं यान्ति भूतानि
निग्रहः किं करिष्यति

sadṛśaṁ ceṣṭate svasyāḥ
prakṛter jñānavān api
prakṛtiṁ yānti bhūtāni
nigrahaḥ kiṁ kariṣyati

Friend1: Likely the most well known depiction of Shri Hanuman’s lila is the carrying of the mountain.

Friend2: Flying through the air, with an enlarged form, making the typically superior in size object appear small.

Friend1: Like he’s holding a basketball or something. Effortlessly gliding through the air, not breaking a sweat.

Friend2: For the purpose of rescuing Lakshmana, Shri Rama’s younger brother. The task was to find a specific herb, which was located on that mountain. Time was of the essence, and rather than risk a misidentification, Hanuman picked up the entire area and…

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