Should Someone Feel Guilty About A Supposed High Birth

Krishna's Mercy

[Rama and Ahalya]“By remembering Shri Rama’s holy name, even those who are born into a low caste become worthy of fame, just as the wild trees that line the streets in the heavenly realm are famous throughout the three worlds.” (Dohavali, 16)

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राम नाम सुमिरत सुजस भाजन भए कुजाति |
कुतरूक सुरपुर राजमग लहत भुवन बिख्याति ||

rāma nāma sumirata sujasa bhājana bhae kujāti |
kutarūka surapura rājamaga lahata bhuvana bikhyāti ||

Friend1: I know that we have discussions on how someone of low birth can rise to the status of liberated devotee.

Friend2: It’s just a circumstance, if you think about it. Maybe that person will never be accepted into circles that base their judgment off birth alone, but outside opinion is of no issue. We’re talking about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, here.

Friend1: He is the ultimate arbiter.

Friend2: He can override…

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