What Is Wrong With Honoring Limbs Of A Universal Body

Krishna's Mercy

[demigods praying]“The performance of different yajnas for the demigods is considered to be worship of the limbs of the Supreme Lord. The demigods are considered to be different parts of the universal body of the Lord, and therefore the ultimate purpose in worshiping them is to please the Lord by partially worshiping His different limbs.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 46)

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Friend1: Let me describe a scenario for you.

Friend2: Okay.

Friend1: I am a first-time father. My child is still an infant.

Friend2: Boy or girl.

Friend1: Girl.

Friend2: Alright.

Friend1: People come over. They play with the baby. They make different remarks.

Friend2: Hopefully of the positive variety.

Friend1: All-positive. They keep saying how beautiful she is. Some people even make her smile.

Friend2: That is good.

Friend1: In one sense, I feel as if these people are appreciating me, as well…

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