Two Comparisons For The Before And After With Dhruva Maharaja

Krishna's Mercy

[Dhruva and Vishnu]“A person who wants to give everything in charity to Krishna but does not want anything in return is considered the real renouncer. Thus, a devotee will refuse to accept any kind of liberation, even if it is offered by the Lord. Real love of Krishna becomes manifested when Krishna becomes the recipient of charity and the devotee becomes the giver.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 46)

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Wouldn’t you want to give your child everything? In the beginning the innocence and cuteness are overwhelming. In the morning time there is no need for an alarm clock. They wake you up with their crawling. You can hear the sound as they approach.

Seeing your face the reaction on the other side is always excitement, sometimes accented with dance-like movements. Your name is audible in their baby-talk. They don’t want much; just that you stay…

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