Something Not Shown To Everyone

Krishna's Mercy

[Shri Hanuman]“The intelligent one, the best of the monkeys, jumped down from that tree and then began to increase his bodily-form on account of giving proof to Sita.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 37.34)

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स तस्मात्पादपाद्धीमानाप्लुत्य प्लवगर्षभः।
ततो वर्धितुमारेभे सीताप्रत्ययकारणात्।।

sa tasmāt pādapāt dhīmān āplutya plavaga ṛṣabhaḥ |
tato vardhitum ārebhe sītā pratyaya kāraṇāt ||

It was at Arjuna’s request. The celebrated bow-warrior was moments prior in great doubt, unsure of how to proceed in a very important matter. The fate of the world rested on his decision. It would either descend into adharma because of poor successive leadership, under the control of the wicked Duryodhana and his clan, or it would prosper under the spotless dharma adhered to by the elder brother, Yudhishthira.

Fortunately for Arjuna, the wisest person was sitting right next to him. Though typically considered a menial role, someone who is…

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