Four Important Personalities Who Worship Vishnu

Krishna's Mercy

[Worshiping Vishnu]“The yogi should fix in his heart the activities of Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, who is worshiped by all demigods and is the mother of the supreme person, Brahma. She can always be found massaging the legs and thighs of the transcendental Lord, very carefully serving Him in this way.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 3.28.23)

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The benefactor has a benefactor.

They have done so much for me; that must be acknowledged. They could deliver when I could not. They brought to me what human effort, paurusham, could not. I tried my best to go it alone, but it didn’t work. I failed miserably and suffered great lamentation afterwards. I felt sorry for myself, for having failed.

The benefactor came through for me. It didn’t take much. Just some standard devotional practices. Contemplating. Meditating. Reciting prayers. Simple offerings like water and leaves. The turnaround…

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