Three Examples Of The Vatsalya-Rasa Standard

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna and Yashoda]“When ecstatic love develops into the relationship of parenthood and becomes steadily established, the relationship is called vatsalya-rasa. The exhibition of this vatsalya-rasa standard of devotional service can be found in the dealings of Krishna with His devotees who represent themselves as superior personalities like father, mother, teacher, etc.” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 43)

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You’ve decided to get serious about spiritual life. No more weekend warrior. No more only reading for a few hours a day. No more trying to find a secluded place for some meditation, only to return to the busy and distracting normal life on a daily basis.

In fact, the goal is to change the meaning of “normal.” Make it out of the ordinary to break away from meditation. Make thinking of the Divine the majority and forgetting Him the minority. Turn things around so that there is…

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