Three Dangers Krishna Protected The Cowherd Boys From

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna dancing on Kaliya]“One servant of Krishna named Patri once addressed Him like this: ‘My dear Lord, You protected the cowherd boys from the hunger of the Aghasura demon, and You protected them from the poisonous effects of the Kaliya snake. And You also saved them from the fierce forest fire. But I am suffering from Your separation, which is more severe than the hunger of Aghasura, the poison of Lake Kaliya, and the burning of the forest fire. So why should You not protect me from the pangs of separation?’” (The Nectar of Devotion, Ch 42)

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The threefold miseries of life, as enumerated by Vedic literature, come from the heavens, the body and mind, and other living entities. No one is able to escape for every time and circumstance, since accepting a material body means dealing with the accompanying distresses. The soul is actually not…

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