Saving Your Work

Krishna's Mercy

[Krishna's lotus feet]“The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 6.41)

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It’s your first day at the new job, one that took a while to land. In truth, it was through someone you knew. Graduating college isn’t a guarantee for employment. It was a struggle to find something, but the wait was worth it. It looks like you will enjoy working here.

They give you something complex to work on. No problem. The day should be occupied in a meaningful way. Challenge the brain. Exercise the muscle that wasn’t utilized much in the past year. Video games and television show marathons don’t really count. This is the time to show your stuff, to prove that the company didn’t…

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