Four Things Krishna Knows About Those Opposed To Him

Krishna's Mercy

[Lord Krishna]“They say that this world is unreal, that there is no foundation and that there is no God in control. It is produced of sex desire, and has no cause other than lust.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 16.8)

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You join your friend for a meal. It is a pleasant day outside, so you decide to do al fresco. Sit outside. Enjoy the weather. Take shade from an umbrella and leisurely go about consuming your meal, drinks and all.

To enhance the mood, you decide to engage in conversation. Present a particular point of view or philosophy and see what your friend has to say. Today doesn’t go so well, however. The friend is not interested in hearing your viewpoints. In fact, they have no idea what you think. They have formed their own beliefs. Their mind is made up. Nothing can change the…

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